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    写一篇英语作文 我理想的工作 有翻译 英语

    我的理想工作My Ideal Job

    Different people have different dreams.When we are children at school,we already have our own drames.Some want to be engineers or doctors.Some want to be artists or businessmen,and some want to be teachers or lawyers.But few want to be farmers.

    Unlike most people,I choose to be a farmer in the future and make contributions to development of agriculture.Agriculture is essential to the national economy and the people's livelihood.Without it there won't be grains on which people survive.Nevertheless,farmers are ignored,even looked down upon by urban people.I determine to challenge the traditional idea and contribute to changing this situation.

    However,lt is not easy to he a modern farmer in the 21st century.A modern farmer must be equipped with a variety of knowledge such as chemlstry,biology and meteorology.Therefore,I must study conscientiously from now on so that I can get the chance to study as a postgraduate in an agricultural university.

    I believe only a man with scientific knowledge can meet the challenge of the 21st century and assume the task of modernizing agriculture.



    英语作文翻译:我的理想工作My Ideal Job

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    Different people have different career outlooks. Some people want to become civil servants; some people hope to start their own business; some people dream of being freelancers, and so on.


    However, my ideal job is teaching. Firstly, I’m told that teachers have a high income. With the high income, I can open a training school to help the children in poor families with their education. Secondly, teachers always have summer and winter holidays, thus I will have more free time to relax myself. More importantly, teachers are angels to students, who can pass on the knowledge to students as well as help them develop their hobbies and interests. I can’t imagine how happy I will feel when I see my students become elites.


    In order to be a qualified teacher, I should read more books to acquire more knowledge, and train my patience and improve my communication and handwriting abilities.


    我理想的工作 My Ideal Work

    I want to set up a flower shop. It’锋御s my ideal work. I think flower is the most beautiful gifts given by nature. And flower is a good way to express one’s affection. Nowadays, sending flowers is more and more popular, to parents, friends, teachers and spouse. So I think this business must be good. Moreover, I like flowers very much and I am familiar various flowers. I will choose different flowers for different people or preference. The most important is that I want to transmit love and happiness by flowers.


    求一篇英语作文 MY ideal job 我理想的工作


    My Ideal Job


    People with different personalities, backgrounds and interests will have different opinions on what an ideal job is. To choose an ideal job and prepare for it is a long way for everybody.


    For me, my ideal job position would be in arts management. I'm quite interested in music but I'd like to broaden my perspective a bit.


    I would like to work in a company concerning arts and having wide room for my development, i envision working in the city, but probably in a city that has lots of green and open spaces. I need to be able to reach the mountains in a couple of hours, so I think that the suburbs of Beijing are suitable.


    I would like to be professional at work. I believe my colleagues will be dedicated to their jobs and love the musical and artistic world.


    Now I am a sophomore majoring in music. I've received professional training of music, so I feel confident that after graduation I could manage and work with all of the different instrumental-ists and vocalists.



    what is my ideal job?

    my ideal job is teacher, because i love children, i love to see their purity and loveliness. with them,i feel easy. i think it fulfilling to be a teacher, to make people who didn't know knows. i hope i could find a job on teaching in the future...




    [网络] My Ideal Job; my dream job;


    My ideal design room is a pleasant room.

    我的理想工作用英语怎么说 5分

    My ideal work


    perfect occupation


    an ideal career


    Professional ideals...


    What is your dream career/work?

    What is the ideal career for you?

    What is the job that you would like?

    What is the work of your dreams?

    W饥at do you consider the work most suitible for you?

    这些都可弊念以。除了最后一个意思实际是 你认为最适合自己的工作是什么?^^


    楼主前面提过一个同样的问题的吧,又是我来回答how can you find an ideal job?i think so too./i can't agree with you any more.